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Ms Kara teaches!

Hello and welcome to my teaching portfolio! This site features my past work with brilliant young students and evidence of my pedagogy.  


Classroom Priorities

Love & Safety

First and foremost, students need a loving, safe environment where they feel seen, heard, and valued as their whole selves.

I strive to create an environment that cultivates acceptance and fairness so that all students can be brave in their learning space.


Our imaginations are our most powerful gift, and one that needs to be honed, practiced, and developed.

Traditional classroom education suppresses imagination. My teaching strives to make imagination a core discipline.


Students learn how to approach new knowledge through reading and how to construct their own ideas through writing.

Beyond helping students become strong academic readers and writers, literacy involves recognizing your self, your thinking, and your unique voice.

Critical Dialogue

We are in constant dialogue with the world around us.

Learning is an exchange: the world influences us, and we influence the world.

I teach students to listen deeply, question thoughtfully, and respond critically to their world.

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